Who we are...

MPU Communications (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2006 to become a competitor in the telecommunications arena after the reforms in the sector. We were one of the first companies to obtain the necessary licenses from The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA), that allowed us to deploy and operate a physical network of our own. We are forerunners in the implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions in South Africa. This has given us the advantage to gain experience from the very beginning and grow and adapt to the industry.

The experience which MPU Communications has built up over the period since 2006 has enabled us to overcome many challenges in the telecommunications industry, such as the deterioration of the copper infrastructure. We have built solutions using all forms of Internet connectivity, and are well placed to recommend solutions which deliver reliable communications. Our telephony systems range from data centre-based hosted systems to large PBX systems in country wide hotel groups.

MPU Communications develops and integrates new generation IP-based PBX systems and communication solutions. We can provide the SME market with a cost-saving, flexible and customisable telephony solution. We can also offer well integrated and cohesive solutions for big offices and blue-chip companies with multiple branches.

We have built several solutions using all forms of Internet connectivity and are well placed to recommend solutions which deliver reliable communications. With the deterioration of the copper infrastructure, particularly in the rural areas, MPU Communications still manages to provide and build a viable solution; there is no challenge too big or too small, this is what makes us unique.

MPU Communications has collaborated with some of South Africa`s best telecommunications service providers in order to ensure that we can offer connectivity, communications and hardware solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We form part of MPU Group and affiliated to MPU Copiers and MPU Solutions. Together we drive a culture of innovation and 100% accountability with zero excuses. With our strong infrastructure and support we ensure that we keep up with this ever-changing and dynamic environment. We are continuously searching for, as well as, implementing innovative solutions. We strive to remain industry leaders by providing an impeccable service to our clients.