At MPU Communications we strive to find the best possible solution for your business in a cost effective package. With a variety of services and products we are sure to meet your connectivity and related needs.
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By providing superior quality products we can offer a variety of solution based options which is flexible to your business' needs, affordable and secure.




Scalable. Secure. Flexible. Feature Rich.
The Wanderbox is highly scalable with easy upgrading of channels. It provides secure communications thanks to the built in firewalls. Connectivity is provided through any of a large variety of access points. The Wanderbox also provide a significant list of features which is sure to address your business needs.


With a variety of options, features and specifications, we are sure to have your telephony solution whether for the desktop, cordless or your conference room.
Desktop handsets offers a variety of products with a wide range of features such as impeccable voice quality, customisation per handset, caller identification, voicemail, call recording, intercom applications, local phonebook entries, conferencing, email functionality, phone lock and the support of applications.
Our variety of conference audio solutions provide a superior, natural and bright audio conference experience with seamless connections. Wireless microphones ensures that all participants in large conference rooms are heard. These products are user friendly yet incredibly feature rich.


With the increased security risks from the connected environment, traditional security solutions do not meet the requirements to keep your business networks safe. The Cisco Meraki Firewall is a unique highly sophisticated layer 7 firewall which protects your network through MX Security Appliances and at each wireless access point.


  • Layer 7 traffic classification and control
  • Intrusion detection engine
  • Identity-based and device-aware security


Keep an eye on your business 24/7without being there 24/7. We supply and install a variety of HDCVI and IP cameras as well as other CCTV related equipment to suit your business needs.
Quality Products
High Definition & Resolution
Outdoor & Indoor
Bullet & Dome Cameras
Solution based recorders
Our highly customisable CCTV products can aid your business in providing security, loss and theft prevention as well as improving business operations with video aided business intelligence and analytics. High definition 4k resolution images and video significantly improves the effectiveness of a security system and will provide ample evidence when required. Infrared detection of up to thirty meters ensures the coverage of a significant area on cameras.
Recorders are tailored for the optimal solution. Advanced features are available to optimise and extend the use of your CCTV system such as Face Detection, Heat Maps, People Counting and similar functions.
Compatibility with other devices such as Smart Phones, improves access to the monitoring from anywhere


Physical security and information security is an integral part of any business. Protect your assets, employees and information with an access control system that fits your level of security required.
Biometric Scanners
RFID Scanners
Magnetic Locks
Control to specific areas and the segregation of staff duties is an integral part of any business. For effective restrictions we offer multiple access control solutions including fingerprint readers, RFID readers or multi biometric access control terminals.
Automation is a critical part of the business environment. Time and Attendance registers are replaced with Time and Attendance Terminals which allows for effective control over attendance, time management and ultimately productivity. Portable or fixed, fingerprint or facial recognition or a combination of biometric recognitions, a customized solution for your business is available.


We supply and install network cables and network points. From fibre optics to Cat 6 Network Cables.