With the increased security risks from the connected environment, traditional security solutions do not meet the requirements to keep your business networks safe. The Cisco Meraki Firewall is a unique highly sophisticated layer 7 firewall which protects your network through MX Security Appliances and at each wireless access point. Administrators have complete control over the users, content and applications on the network. The processing engine uses sophisticated fingerprinting to identify users, content and applications. The flow is categorized and access control policies are enforced. Applications that could not be controlled by traditional firewalls, are now protected from evasive, encrypted and peer to peer applications. The integrated intrusion detection and prevention engine helps to ensure your network is kept safe from malicious entities and threats with a combination of inspection methods. Security policies remain up to date thanks to the automatic updates based on threats and updates from the cloud.

The Cisco Meraki firewalls are an important tool for customers to regain control of their Internet bandwidth.  By blocking abuse by internal staff who may be using the company Internet for downloading large video and music files, or using office hours for excessive social media activities, the Internet usage is constrained to business-related activities.  This may delay costly Internet bandwidth upgrades, and improve the performance of the Internet for crucial business usage.

For customers who have multiple branches, the Meraki MX firewalls provide a simple, reliable inter-branch VPN which keeps connection even when Internet connections failover from primary to secondary Internet providers. MPU Communications offers a managed firewall service to assist customers who may not be able to justify the employment of security professionals.